Mature Content
Directed by:
Eunice Lau
Yusuf Abdurahman, Zacharia Abdurahman, Ikraan Abdurahman
83 min
English, Somali


For Viewing in Singapore only

Official Selection:

- 30th Singapore International Film Festival 2019 (Sold out screenings!)

- 20th Woodstock Film Festival 2019

- 30th Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2019


Twenty-five years after Yusuf Abdurahman left Somalia as a refugee to begin his life anew in Minnesota, his worst fear is realized when his 19-year-old-son Zacharia is arrested in an FBI counterterrorism sting operation. Through the eyes of a father striving to understand why his young son would leave his American life behind to attempt to join a terrorist organization in a foreign country, Accept the Call explores racism and prejudice against immigrants, the rise of targeted recruitment by radicalized groups, and the struggles of Muslim youth growing up in the US today. This intimate film captures the story of this father and son attempting to mend their relationship, after breaking each other’s hearts.

“We don’t, as a society, look for the goodness in people. There’s always two sides to a story, if not more.” - Ikraan Abdurahman, film subject, Accept the Call

“They presume that not only are these boys guilty but the whole Somali community is guilty. They are on trial but so is the Somali community. So is the black community. So is the Muslim community. So is the immigrant community.” - Community activist, Accept the Call


About the Director

Eunice Lau is an independent filmmaker and former journalist whose stories are concerned with issues of identity and social justice. In 2015, Lau received a Spike Lee Fellowship grant for her feature documentary A-Town Boyz, which documents coming-of-age experiences of Asian-American men in Atlanta, Georgia.

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